Trek to Bhivgad
Talking about GTA
Plateau on top
On the way to the top
A view during lunch
Kihim beach picnic
30 feet road visibility
In the car
Greenery around the road
Train out of no where
Ganpati Phule
Water fall at ganpati phule
Ganpati phule beach
Devka beach
Going to himachal pradesh
Plane take off @ mumbai airport
Plane landing @ delhi airport
Ankai tankai
From the station to the mountain
Walking towards the mountain
Cave with 2 floors
View from the top
Kalsubai- Maharashtra's highest peak
Walk to the peak
3 inch rugs
Steep ladder
Broken ladder
Above the clouds
Clouds beneath me
Fog in November
Fog in sarasgad
Climbing Sarasgad
Rest base
Walk to the peak
Murud videos
Snakes at murud !!!
Park at murud
Cycling at Murud (impossible video)
Sitting alone near the beach
Good scene at Murud